City Info
Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu is a bustling metropolis in South India.

Chennai is considered the second best city for business growth and investments, next to Mumbai, and several of the world’s leading multinationals including automobile majors and software giants have set up shop here.

Chennai has a rich historic past, blessed with natural wealth and with every modern facility. Its multi-cultural influences can be seen in the celebration of festivals of all religious faiths. The one factor that weighs heavily in Chennai’s favour is its low cost of living in comparison to other cities of India.

Chennai has a lot for those who seek that extra tang in their lives – from nine-yard sarees to the latest in fashion, from traditional vegetarian fare to fast food, from ancient temple architecture to modern high-rises – with Indo-Saracenic and Victorian as stops along the way – from classical music and dance to discos throbbing to heady beats, Chennai has them all and many more vivid contrasts that are a pleasant surprise.

The cityscape is a confluence of tall business centers, green and homely neighbourhoods along with numerous places of historical and cultural interest. Commutation within Chennai and to any corner of the world is possible due to the fact that it is well-connected by road, rail, air and sea. If a high standard of living, ample business opportunities, high quality education, an eclectic mix of the traditional and modern cultures, a warm and serene climate is what you seek in a city, Chennai is the one.

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